Being sworn in to the US Coast Guard

​"I wanted you to know that you have been a great role model for him. He wants to join the military and then he wants to be a high school teacher. Thank you for not giving up on him."

"Amber's first semester final grade is an A. You really helped her a lot. She said she understands you better than her own teacher."

"Thank you for taking good care of my kids! I really appreciate all you've done!"

"You are a great tutor! I know John would not have passed Geometry without you. Thank you again for everything."

"When you first arrived Marissa had a C. Her test scores were D's and F's. Now she has a high B and is getting A's and B's on her tests. Thanks for your decision of a career change!"


A great success story, proof that hard work and determination brings great reward. He had a goal and he didn't stop until he reached it. He will now have new goals and adventures. CONGRATULATIONS to a job well done. I know he will achieve much, much more. I have been blessed with the ​ opportunity to help him reach this milestone. I take comfort in knowing he will make many great contributions to our country and all who know him.

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