Being sworn in to the US Coast Guard

​"I wanted you to know that you have been a great role model for him. He wants to join the military and then he wants to be a high school teacher. Thank you for not giving up on him."

"Amber's first semester final grade is an A. You really helped her a lot. She said she understands you better than her own teacher."

"Thank you for taking good care of my kids! I really appreciate all you've done!"

"I just wanted to say thank you again for the way you teach and interact with Eric. He enjoys learning math with you and he wishes you were his teacher. He doesn't feel as frustrated when he gets problems wrong or doesn't understand and I can see that his attitude has really improved towards working on math."

"When you first arrived Marissa had a C. Her test scores were D's and F's. Now she has a high B and is getting A's and B's on her tests. Thanks for your decision of a career change!"


A great success story, proof that hard work and determination brings great reward. He had a goal and he didn't stop until he reached it. He will now have new goals and adventures. CONGRATULATIONS to a job well done. I know he will achieve much, much more. I have been blessed with the ​ opportunity to help him reach this milestone. I take comfort in knowing he will make many great contributions to our country and all who know him.

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