Every student learns differently


I adjust the instruction to match the learning style of the student.  My goal is to improve understanding of mathematical concepts while building confidence. 


Why Learn Math?

The toughest question I have been asked by a student is “When am I ever going to use this stuff after I finish school?” It took me three years to find an acceptable answer to this question. Mathematics is comparable to a foreign language.  There is a near endless vocabulary to learn, rules and laws to follow, as well as formulas and procedures used to solve problems from the simplest to the most complex. The short answer to when you will use this “stuff” is that you probably won’t. That usually gets people’s attention.

It is not realistic to expect anyone to remember all of the formulas and methods they learned in high school mathematics. Mathematics teaches something far more valuable. Students learn to gather the information they are given, and then determine the best method to organize the information, and finally solve the problem using the information they were given. The true purpose of math is to teach the skill of problem solving and then to provide the opportunity to practice and refine that skill.  Life is a continuous cycle of problems that require solving, from finding a job, to running a household, to performing at the workplace. So, while there might not be any math problems to solve in life, there will be a steady supply of problems of all kinds. People who are able to solve these problems most quickly and efficiently will find the most success in life. Mathematics provides us with that opportunity.


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