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QUESTION: "How often should you tutor my child?"

ANSWER:      I leave this decision up to the family, but typically one to two times weekly is sufficient

Questions I hear frequently: 

QUESTION: "What grade can you guarantee my child will get?"

ANSWER:     I cannot predict the future, but I do guarantee improved math skills and greater confidence.

QUESTION: "Where do you tutor?"

ANSWER:      I tutor at the library, Starbucks, Panera, or at the students home (with parents present).

QUESTION: "What if my child has a test after the scheduled tutor lesson?"

ANSWER:      I will be as flexible as possible to accommodate students that require schedule changes.

QUESTION: "How long is a tutoring session and how much does it cost?"

ANSWER:      I tutor for one hour per session, each session is $50. In between sessions students are able to                        ask questions via email or text.